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The attorneys listed below are a few of the highly respected litigators with whom Jeff Ryan regularly collaborates on his cases. By contracting with other attorneys with unique skill sets on individual cases, Mr. Ryan is able to keep the costs to his clients low and maximize the success on each case.


Robery Dye

For the past ten years, Mr. Dye's focus has been on representing employees in their disputes with employers. Mr. Dye's past experience representing primarily employers serves him well at his new position at Ryan & Steiner as he has unique insight into how employees think and act.

Since joining Mr. Ryan's team in 2005, Mr. Dye has focused on representing primarily plaintiffs in business litigation in federal and state courts in California. Mr. Dye is very experienced in reviewing proposed settlement agreements for executives as well as employment agreements and recommending key changes to such agreements which protect the employee.

Prior to joining forces with Mr. Ryan, Mr. Dye had an exceptional record of litigation, preventive planning, and representing both employees and management in all aspects of business, labor and employment relations (including union avoidance), alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, wrongful discharge, discrimination, performance appraisal, contracts and relationship management for major companies in transportation, financial services, publishing, manufacturing and retail industries. Mr. Dye has acted as a legal advisor on company policies, vendor relations and merger and acquisition related activities.

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Nicole Ossi

Ms. Ossi practices employment and business litigation and represents employees in employment discrimination, retaliation, and harassment matters; and plaintiffs and defendants in multi-million dollar complex business litigation matters.

Ms. Ossi has extensive law and motion practice experience, as well as taking and defending witness and expert depositions, participating in both binding and non-binding arbitrations, representing clients at mediations, negotiating settlement agreements, and all phases of trial preparation and post-trial work.

Ms. Ossi graduated from Santa Clara University, cum laude, with a degree in Finance. She received her Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University School of Law, with a certificate in Public Interest Law.

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Gregory Rader

Gregory Rader is the team’s law clerk and scribe. He researches and drafts writs, motions and appeals in all state and federal courts, with a focus on issues arising under the United States Constitution.

Commissioned an Army officer at age 19, Mr. Rader graduated from the Foreign Service/Defense Language Institute, East Coast, before service in Vietnam, where he commanded an artillery battery, served as the fire support coordinator for an infantry battalion, and where he was awarded two Bronze Stars and the Air Medal. He graduated cum laude from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was twice selected to serve on the C. Herman Pritchett Constitutional Law moot court.

Mr. Rader has drafted several U.S. Supreme Court petitions for certiorari to state and federal appellate courts; countless petitions for review to the California Supreme Court, and over 100 briefs on appeal to the First, Second and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeal, and to the California Courts of Appeal. The subject matter of these pleadings has ranged from issues arising under the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments, to immigration matters, employment discrimination, family law disputes and juvenile dependency and delinquency questions. He has also researched and drafted pleadings in the British Columbia Supreme Court for an Appointment of Review of Solicitor’s Bill.

Mr. Rader’s writs and motions practice includes petitions for mandamus, probation and habeas corpus to trial and reviewing courts, as well as pre-trial motions, e.g., in limine, suppression, exclusion, and the drafting of pin-point jury instructions.