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Former Clients

"Jeff stood beside me, shoulder to shoulder, during a difficult and protracted litigation. As a technology industry entrepreneur, I really appreciated the way Jeff was able to grasp the dynamic of what had transpired and how quickly he identified the relevant legal issues. He has incredible focus and was a formidable advocate for me. He kept me informed the whole way and as a first-time litigant, that was very helpful. But above all, Jeff was honest with me during the entire process. Jeff is a first-rate person and trial lawyer."

Charles Brown

"Jeff represented my construction firm in a very complex insurance bad faith action. Our company had been bankrupted by a series of events culminating with our insurance company denying us coverage for catastrophic wind and rain damages to a science building we built at a local community college. Because our company could not afford to pay for attorneys fees or costs, I needed a contingent fee lawyer to advance all costs and wait to get paid for nearly 3 years. Mr Ryan did just that for us. Jeff's skill and dedication to our case was unparalleled. I have worked with many lawyers in my 35 years in business and I can say unequivocally that Jeff Ryan is the best.

Jeff personally attended nearly every deposition, and appeared in person at even the most mundane court appearances. This attention to detail and complete commitment to the case built a strong rapport with judges assigned to the case. Even a cadre of attorneys from one of the most renowned law firms could not overcome Jeff's preparation and skill. I could not recommend him more highly."

Peter A. Richardson, President

"I interviewed many attorneys before hiring Jeff. My case against my employer involved issues that were both professionally and personally upsetting, so I needed an attorney I could trust. After my first meeting with Jeff, I knew I had found the right attorney. Jeff heard me when nobody else would listen, and treated me like a human being. He understood my needs, made me feel comfortable, and supported me emotionally through one of the most difficult times in my life. The litigation lasted more than a year, and I could not have endured the process without Jeff's continued support, advocacy, and frequent communication. Jeff has broad experience in employment law, and because of this he was able to see the bigger picture, negotiate a good resolution to the litigation, and give me long-term advice that helped me move forward in starting a new life. I strongly recommend Jeff."

Xiaoyun Hu

"Jeff is phenomenal! He is an extremely personable, thorough attorney who genuinely cares about his clients as human beings and considers how the outcomes otheir cases will impact their lives.

Whenever I called or texted Jeff, he always returned my calls or texts within five minutes. I had a lot of questions, and Jeff always took the time to explain exactly how the legal process worked. He was very clear in his explanations and I always came away with a feeling I knew what was likely to happen next in my case. I learned a lot about the law which I found fascinating.

I had multiple cases with Jeff over the course of several years. Two of my cases with Jeff were emotionally charged, and I found Jeff to be kind, very understanding, extremely caring, open, and trustworthy. Likewise, Jeff's staff was always very nice and helpful. One case was an employment discrimination in hiring issue, which Jeff quickly settled with just a letter. I had a feeling a potential employer had overstepped its bounds, but Jeff knew they had broken the law and he got me more money than I ever thought possible in and out of court settlement."

Erin Rood

Jeff is an amazing attorney, simply the best I have come across. He has an incredibly sharp mind, and can quickly determine the key factors impacting a client’s case. He strengthens a case by legal arguments and precedents that could be completely missed by other experienced and competent attorneys. I prevailed in my particular situation exactly due to these valid but not obvious legal reasonings. I was amazed by how much detail of my particular complex situation he had remembered and analyzed every time I met with Jeff. I assume there are (few) other bright legal minds that can be this effective, but I sincerely believe a client with a reasonable budget would not be able to afford them. Jeff provides many creative and flexible compensation methods that make him viable even for clients with limited out of pocket budgets. In dealing with Jeff, I became a believer that there are attorneys who truly have the best for client in their mind. While dealing with my case, I would receive calls even on Sundays and late evenings from Jeff as he had come up with another astute observation or suggestion for me. He literally never stopped thinking and strategizing on how to win for me. I walked away very pleased with the outcome of my case.

Fari Assaderaghi, Ph.D.

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Current Clients

Jeffrey F. Ryan has been nothing short of a savior for me. He substituted in as my attorney in a recent corporate action 10 days before the case was set for trial and despite almost insurmountable obstacles, Mr. Ryan as my trial counsel, prevailed in establishing me as the majority owner. I attended all 13 days of trial and intently watched Mr. Ryan try the case. No matter what the outcome had been, I told everyone I spoke to that Mr. Ryan is the best trial lawyer I have ever seen!

Joseph Yeo Bai Lee


"Jeff has the unique ability to absorb an enormous amount of detail and not confuse the forest from the trees. At all times, he is focused solely on the important underlying essence of his cases. Then, with a nearly photographic mind, Jeff can retrieve the crucial evidence from the morass of details to prove a crucial point of law that moves the needle. In my experience, there are a ton of smart lawyers in the world and I have worked with many over the years. But it's the rare professional that can combine great intelligence with a keen sense for what really matters. This intangible of "good judgment" is absolutely critical to success, and very few professionals across professions are as blessed as Jeff Ryan is. As Buckminster Fuller once wrote, if you don't know where the "trim tab" is, it's very hard to turn a large ship in the right direction. Jeff is excellent at finding and staying focused on the trim tab to navigate your case through its complexities, back to its essence, and on point where there is leverage and power. Further, and this is very important to me, Jeff has a tremendous personal sense for right and wrong. This moral compass can be an enormously helpful in a long and difficult case. When opposing lawyers respond to this, settlements can be reached for the betterment of all parties. When opposing counsel ignore basic tenets of right and wrong, Jeff is prepared to hand them their heads. You can't do better!"

Jeff Karan


Co Counsel

"I assisted Jeff in a three-week long insurance bad faith jury trial. This was a very complicated case, both facts and law. Jeff had complete mastery of all of the facts and the law. He knew every detail and every document by memory. In the courtroom, he was gifted. The opposition had five attorneys in the courtroom every day, and they were no match for Jeff. Jeff is a great trial lawyer, and I would highly recommend him!"

Bruce Ahnfeldt


Opposing Counsel

"Jeff is a very strong advocate. I met him as opposing counsel on a case several years ago in which he served his client extremely well. I was so impressed with his skills that I asked him to be my co-counsel in a different lawsuit a few years later. I recommend him highly."

Mark S. Adams, Partner

Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell, LLP


"Jeff is one of the most formidable adversaries I have ever faced. I would gladly refer a client to him or partner with him on a case."

John B. Quinn, Partner

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP


"I have served as a mediator in several employment cases handled by Jeff Ryan. I have always found Jeff to be well prepared and a very effective advocate. While Jeff is a very experienced trial lawyer, he will always look out for the best interest of his client and will motivate his client to resolve a case if a fair resolution can be reached. I would recommend Jeff to any potential client who is looking for an experienced, hard-working trial attorney."

Mark S. Rudy

Rudy, Exelrod, Zieff & Lowe, LLP


In my first 25 years of practicing law, no court, state or federal, reproved me, and no bar association publicly or privately disciplined me. I have always done my best to advocate for my clients with honesty and integrity, so it is important to me that I disclose that in 2012 my pro hac vice (temporary, one-time) admission to a Massachusetts district court was revoked, which meant that I was no longer able to represent my client in that case, although she wanted me to continue.